What’s all this about Pakistan Explored, eh?

Pakistan Explored is a group effort of love. We’re a couple of guys with a passion for Pakistan, and we hope to share that passion with anyone in search of a good adventure in one of the greatest countries on this planet.

We all grew up overseas, and only recently did we have our first chance to explore our Pakistan properly. The country we’d only ever heard stories about quickly proved itself to be a larger than life reality. From the warm and hospitable people to unparalleled natural vistas, Pakistan welcomed us in, despite coming from overseas, and we welcomed Pakistan into our hearts just as fully.

Giving back to Pakistan

Pakistan gave us everything it had, and it’s our turn to give back to the country and its people.

While traveling through the country, we realized there is still much room for improvement and development. We all have some experience traveling through developed countries, and the experience is vastly different from that of traveling through Pakistan. There is better infrastructure, more information, more assistance available to visitors in the country. Well, we said to each other, why can’t we have this in Pakistan, too?

We are not powerful people; we cannot build roads, drive buses, or fly planes. One thing we can do, however, is to work to provide proper information to anyone and everyone traveling through Pakistan. Whether you’re going on a trip with the guys, or taking your family on a holiday to the northern areas, we want to supply you with everything you need for an awesome adventure.

If you ever need help, or just want to say hello, you can always contact us. Until then, safe travels, and stay blessed.

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