Pasni is a relatively small city on the Makran Coastal Highway. The city is about 450 km away from Karachi, and 130 km from Gwadar. If you’re driving between the two, it makes sense to stop here for a day to relax and take a break from driving.

Although Pasni itself offers little that is of interest, Pasni beach is a nice place to relax and tip your toes in the water. Pasni also acts as launching point to Astola Island.

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Best time to visit Pasni

Like Gwadar and other places in Balochistan, the best time to visit Pasni is from December till March. But even then, prepare for high temperatures during the day.

Best things to do in Pasni

Pasni Beaches

There are several beautiful and secluded beaches close to the city. The scenery is spectacular, and chances are you have any of the beaches to yourself.

Jabal Zarain

Jabal Zarain is a small hillock south of Pasni, and marks the highest point in the area. A nice place to enjoy the surrounding scenery from.

Astola Island

Astola Island is Pakistan’s largest offshore island. and is uninhabited for most of the year. From September till May local fisherman make their makeshift homes here, to fish for lobster and oysters. Astola can be visited from Pasni, although there is no accommodation. If you want to overnight there, you’ll have to camp. Note that Astola Island is  Marine Protected Area, so take extra care to dispose of your trash properly (no, throwing it in the ocean doesn’t count).

Photo by Ammaar60

Best places to stay in Pasni

Not mant people make it to Pasni for tourism purposes, so there aren’t many facilities yet. This might change with the rising popularity of Balochistan, and the influx of people that CPEC will bring.

  • Juddi Hotel – A basic hotel close to the fishing harbor of Pansi

Best places to eat in Pasni

There are plenty of eateries around town, but don’t expect anything fancy.

How to get to Pasni


Pasni is roughly 450 km from Karachi, and 120 km from Gwadar, following the Makran Coastal Highway. Getting to or from Karachi should take about 5 – 6 hours, and getting to or from Gwadar should take about two hours.


There is a domestic airport in Pasni, and there are multiple flights from Karachi to Pasni. A flight takes roughly 1.5 hours. Check the PIA website for more details.

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Credits: Feature photo by Qbaloch Photography